Message from Principal CCA


My Dear Stakeholder/ Surfer,

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the website of the office of the Principal Controller of Communication Accounts, Kolkata.

It is our endeavour to have connectivity to all of our stakeholders, service providers, operators, pensioners, working staffs and people who are interested in knowing the function we are performing in this website.

The office of Pr.CCA performs several vital revenue, accounting and employee benefit functions including settlement of pension and retirement benefits for telecom pensioners, collection of license fees and spectrum usage charges from all telecom service providers, scrutiny of documents and verification of deductions from Adjusted Gross Revenue for USAL and CMTS licensees, assessment of license fees of Internet Service Providers (with telephony), assessment of spectrum usage charges and maintenance of Bank Guarantees. For further information on the functions of this office you may please refer to the related web pages that have been placed on the website. In addition, telecom pensioners can register their grievances through an interactive option available on our website. Recently, SAMPAAN has been introduced, which is a new innovation for processing & settlement of pension.

It is our prerogative to keep the website updated and meaningful, user friendly and informative. Suggestion for improvement in any field is always solicited.


(G. K. Chin)

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