Admin. & Establishment Circulars


Circular Name Description Download
31011_2_2003-Estt.A-IV-15062012 LTC:Relaxation for travel by air to visit J & K Click Here
Internet_Facility_DataCard 11052012 Ineternet through Data Card Click Here
Guideline_airtravel_16sept2010 Guideline for travel by air on tour/LTC Click Here
Travel With in City 14102008 Travel within the city Click Here
TARules_6cpc_24012011 Clarification on Road Mileage Click Here
GFR 2005 GFR 2005 Click Here
Pub_tender_Enq_CPPPortal Mandatory publication of Tender Enquiry on Central Public Procurement Portal Click Here
laptopnbook14052012 Purchase of Laptop/Notebook by Departments Click Here
34-31/2000-SEA-I Dt. 28092000 Creation of DoT cells Click Here
34-31/2000-SEA Dt.30th January 2001 Revised Function of DoT Cell Click Here
34-31/2000-SEA Dt. 27062002 Change of Name of DoT Cell Click Here
18-06-2006-SEA-I Dt. 12052006 Observance of Protocol for DoT Officers on Visit Click Here
33-31-2006 SEA Dt. 13012006 Govt. Accommodation for CCA Offices Click Here
33-1-2006 SEA-I Dt. 09032007 CPIO in CCA Offices Click Here
33-4-2007-SEA-II Dt. 12012007 Provision of Handsets Click Here
7-5-2001 F&A Dt.06022001 Infrastructure Facilities to DOT cell Click Here
7-5-2000-Finance (Pt) Dt.12012005 Accommodation for CCA offices in departmentally owned buildings by BSNL. Click Here
Compassionate Appointment Review of three years time limit for making compassionate appointment Click Here
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