Pension Adalat


Pension Adalat was held on 20/03/2012 at 11.00 hrs in the office of Pr. CCA, CTD, Kolkata, Telephone House, 8, Hare Street, 2nd Floor Conference Hall, Kolkata-700 001 for redressal of Grievance of Telecom/BSNL Pensioners of Calcutta Telephones under Chairmanship of Shri A. K. Singh, CCA, Kolkata. Special invitee Shri S. Maity, CGM, Calcutta Telephones along with  Smt. R. Paul Chowdhury, GM (F) also attended to hear out the grievances of pensioners. Total 86 cases were listed for hearing. Out of these 86 cases, 25 pensioners/applicants appeared before pension bench and 4 such cases were settled on spot. Out of remaining 82 cases, 59 cases have since been settled and thus closed and remaining 23 pending cases either pertain to other offices or where no action was required by this office. The pending 23 cases are being regularly pursued with the concerned offices for early settlement.

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